Justice / Gurganus Family Information


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Some basic Onslow county Justice Family information

More to come........

John M.C. Justice Sr

     John M.C. Justice Jr (born 1815 approx) married Jakey Wilkins Stephens (11-10-1802 to 07-05-1873)
          Parham Justice born: 1839
          Francis Marion Justice born: 11-02-1840
          Christopher Columbus born: 03-04-1842
          C. Ann Eliza
          Joseph Hill Justice born: 5-14-1846
          John Buckner justice born: 5-24-1846

         Parham married Mary E. Foy on 3/18/1866 in Onslow Co

         Francis married Mildred Jane Stokely 5/14/1866 In Onslow Co
               Their children were
               Mary V. Justice born: 1863
               Thomas F. Justice born: February 02, 1866 *
               Cadar J. Justice born: 1872
               Rachel D. Justice born: June 08, 1879*

        Christopher Columbus married Ellen Melvine Gurganus
              Their children were:
              James Thomas Justice born: August 14, 1873
              John Henry Justice born: December 04, 1874
             Annie Ellen Justice born: January 28, 1876
             Christopher Columbus Justice, Jr born: April 27, 1879
             Willie Titus Justice born: August 04, 1881
             Stephen Hedrick Justice born: December 25, 1884
             Arthur Troy Justice born: October 1888
             Zennie Leroy Justice born: September 29, 1890
             Ella Elizabeth Justice born: March 02, 1893

      C. Ann Eliza died as a child (remember the story of bringing her back to Onslow county
       to be buried "under the tall trees where the flowers grew"?)

      Joseph Hill Justice (no information on)

      John Buckner Justice married Martha Anne Parker March 10, 1866 in Onslow co
              Their children were:
              Mary C. Justice born: August 04, 1867
              Margaret Ann Justice born: April 04, 1871
              John Winslow Justice born: May 09, 1873
              James Buckner Justice born: August 19, 1875
              Jakey Elizabeth Justice born: January 06, 1878
              Frances Holland Justice born: January 19, 1888
              Sarah Nancy Justice born: February 15, 1889







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