John M.C. Justice, Sr. came to Onslow County in the 1790's.
His son John M.C. Justice, Jr. settled in the southwest section of Onslow County on 2000 acres. His home was off of what is now Murrill Hill Rd, outside of Jacksonville, approximately 5 miles south of the current homesite.

John M.C. Jr's son Christopher Columbus Justice, Sr. built the current home for his bride, Ellen Melvine Gurganus, when he came home from serving in the 3rd North Carolina Cavalry (41 State Troops) Company B, of the Civil War. 
It is estimated this house was built between 1865 and 1870.

C.C. Justice, Sr., or "Kit" as he was known, and his wife Ellen had 9 children. The farm passed to his youngest son, Zennie Leroy "Roy" Justice and his wife, Millie Lee Gurganus. Roy and Millie were married in 1918, and here they raised 9 children of their own. The current owner is the daughter and son-in-law of Roy and Millie's baby boy, Willie Ray Justice and his wife Benita.  Their farm is on adjoining land, where they have a blueberry farm and a Christmas tree farm.


Papa and Grand Mama

Roy & Millie Justice

Roy and Millie's Children

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